Tuesday, July 3, 2012

After more than five years of study I feel I am at last gaining a real understanding of Quantum Theory. Before you jump in and assert that anyone with the hubris to claim such understanding really doesn't come near understanding, let me tell you a secret. My understanding is intuitive and beyond words.

That presents the major 'catch 22' of explaining Quantum Theory (QT) to the general public. In a way QT is a form of 'irreducible complexity' - to explain my current understanding I must recount word for word, minute by minute the entire experience of exposure to the theory. Not likely!

In my latest book I try to explore this kaleidoscopic world of knowledge and sample the bits that are open to common discourse. As I edit the final drafts, I see the progression of my own thinking over the course of the two years it took to write. I realise that there is a lot more to do - a lifetime is hardly enough to perceive the real colours of reality.